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Amy’s Story

“I am really glad I have found out about a2 Milk™ products and after only a few days of using them, I have noticed a great difference compared to using standard dairy products. Not only do they taste really good, but even when using the full cream variety it feels light and pleasant in my stomach. In fact, I have found a2 Milk™ products so comfortable to digest that I use them every day – whether on an empty stomach or full, a glass of milk or yoghurt, or using them in cooking, they have meant that my husband and I can share the same dairy products that are versatile and delicious. Thanks to a2 Milk™ products this is the first year I’ll be able to enjoy Mum’s custard at Christmas! I am delighted and excited to have found such a great product that is easy to find, doesn’t taste strange, tastes really good, and is comfortable for me to digest so I can use it every day”

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